Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 22 Oxnard to Marina Del Rey

We're off again for 51 miles of urban roads in So Cal.  It's nice this morning...

Oops...maybe I can buff it out!



We stop to look at a missile and plane display.

Now I Beach Boys were singing about...beautiful


a look north on the beach of Malibu


more Malibu


We cruise through some exclusive million dollars homes along the beach route


The Getty mansion overlooking the beach


An African drumming ensemble on Venice Beach


This fellow on the step ladder was an intriguing act...and so it goes on Venice Beach.   Our room was a mile off the beach...thank goodness!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 21 Solvang to Oxnard


We had a nice afternoon and evening in Solvang.  The motel had a great pool and we were in early enough to enjoy it.  The Danish theme throughout town was a nice change, too.  Very quaint!  But we're off again, this time headed for Oxnard, some 81 miles away.  The weather is clear with high overcast and a starting temp of 55 or so.  We have a climb about 17 miles out that tops out at about 1900 feet.   



Nah, I wasn't trying to push it over the cliff.  I was just stretching my Achilles!

A couple pics looking down the canyon we just rode up through.



After the reaching the summit, we start down on a winding single lane road through the woods. Here's a plaque commemorating the route.   Even saw a few myrtlewood trees


Here's Jim contemplating his navel along the Kinevan trail road 

A view from the ridge top with Santa Barbara in the background

Several hairpin turns going down.  Very technical descent


The wharf in downtown Santa Barbara(in the fog)


Along the beach south of Santa Barbara is a section called red neck highway or some such.  A couple of miles of motor homes and travel trailers parked on the edge of the highway with their own beachfront.  If that's your cup of tea...


We're in about 3 pm with a pizza party coming up for dinner! 

2 Days and 100 miles to go!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 20 Santa Maria to Solvang

 It's a short day today, only 39 miles with a bit of climbing.  Lots of agriculture in the area...strawberries, peppers broccoli, squash, vineyards 



Not sure what crop was under the tent structure


Jim picking his favorite vineyard!


A view from a ridge top


A really nice vineyard on the way to Solvang...roses...grass...sweet!


Solvang is a cute tourist destination.  Danish influence everywhere...people everywhere...only three days left!

Day 19 Paso Robles to Santa Maria


Paso Robles is clear this morning as we blast off into rural rolling hills. 


One of the largest prickly pear cacti I've ever seen...lots of fruit


It's hard to imagine what folks might be thinking...interesting though 



Atascadero Ribs Restaurant


Morro Bay...beautiful place and a beautiful day


Another view from uptown

And then we're off to Santa Maria...a mere 84 miles in pleasant weather.  1179 miles to date!  Wow

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 18 King City to Paso Robles

We're off to Paso Robles.  Foggy for a bit but after the first big climb it burns off.  It's warm almost immediately as we pass through oak trees dotting the grass hills.

Karen performing the requisite mussel inspection.We passed!


Rolling grasslands and oaks


Some of us stopped at a little rural store , the Bee Rock Store and we found this challenged fellow sitting there.  I think he was lost..


Tim came out from the UK to ride...he's beginning to wonder why...


Then there's this on one side of Bee Rock Store and the stern on the other side


Clever use of and old motor?


Here's another pic of the lost guy...hmmm ...looks a lot like Leo


Nacienmento Resevoir from up on the ridge

Naciamento resevoir from atop the dam.  We grind on in to Paso Robles in 95+ temps and 61 miles

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 17 Carmel Valley to King City

Another cold and foggy morning.  We climb 20 miles right from the motel...lovely




 A view from the top of the climb

 A very rare find...the skull of the ancient bicyclosaurus.  You can tell by the non existent cranial cavity and deformed tailbone!

 great rock formations along the way

A view of a valley on the way to Greenfield


Another rare sight just out of Greenfield...the Space Shuttle Asparagus.  And you thought the shuttle program was finished!


Poor Mark.  He has such a hard time reading the signs!


Anyone know a good roofer?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 16 Santa Cruz to Carmel Valley

Another foggy morning, alas, this is the coast.  The fog soon burns off as we make our way south.  Lots of strawberry fields...forever!  It's interesting that this stuff grows all the way to the ocean...not in Oregon, though


I thought about a taste test, but there were too many people around!  Like Leo, with his camera!

Some of the area farms were growing plastic sheeting.  Apparently, when the plastic is ripe, they cut it and roll it up on cardboard tubes.  There's one in the foreground. Hmmmm...really?


I'll take this fits me just right


A couple more, just for fun


Here's our hero...headed for Monterrey!


 Phyllis on Cannery Row

Beautiful Monterrey Bay


 Jim enjoying an ice cream cone on Cannery Row...


Fisherman's Wharf in Monterrey

A view from 17 Mile Drive. Houses(castles) in the millions of dollars all along the drive...and stunning views...and Spyglass and Pebble Beach Golf Courses...


Find Waldo...or Leo


And then we cruise through Carmel and up Carmel Valley


More Carmel Valley and the end of our beautiful 72 mile day