Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 10 Garberville to Fort Bragg

Every evening, generally before dinner, the riders meet for RAP, to discuss the next day's ride.  Each turn,  each street or road number with the associated mileage is noted on a route sheet.  Riders keep the sheets on the handlebars for quick reference.  Below is the elevation scale for today's ride. Both were long grinds but the downhills made up for it.  All in all, we climbed about 5,000 feet over 69 miles.


We left Garberville after 8 am load and were back in the redwoods off and on.  The weather was clear but cool early on turning warmer for the hill climbs and the cooler again on the ocean.  This pic graphically demonstrates the size of these immense trees.

Here's our hero on the shoreline just north of Fort Bragg.  California Pink? Not!


Just another day on the beach

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