Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 13 Petaluma to San Francisco

Our last dayof the 2nd leg of this trip.  We're ready for a day off again.  I get my bike out and what do you know?  I have a motel flat. Jim and I dig a piece of glass out and put ina new tube. We are now last out of camp.  Oh well.  The route out of Petaluma involves some early climbing but we're soon over the hump and into rolling hills north of Frisco.  The fog clears soon and we enjoy a nice 50 mile cruise to the Bay Area. 

A prickly pear  cactus along the way


 Just some fun along the way!


A nice view of the country between Petaluma and Frisco



Our first view of the bay area from Sausalito

The usual suspects...again!  Back row-Leo, Susan, Me, Baltimore Mark,Joe, Jeff . Front row-Toronto Mark Barb, John


Yeah, we see ya!


The Golden Gate



Looking up


From the city side of the bay

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  1. Wait till you see the Forth road and rail bridges side by side. No contest!