Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 18 King City to Paso Robles

We're off to Paso Robles.  Foggy for a bit but after the first big climb it burns off.  It's warm almost immediately as we pass through oak trees dotting the grass hills.

Karen performing the requisite mussel inspection.We passed!


Rolling grasslands and oaks


Some of us stopped at a little rural store , the Bee Rock Store and we found this challenged fellow sitting there.  I think he was lost..


Tim came out from the UK to ride...he's beginning to wonder why...


Then there's this on one side of Bee Rock Store and the stern on the other side


Clever use of and old motor?


Here's another pic of the lost guy...hmmm ...looks a lot like Leo


Nacienmento Resevoir from up on the ridge

Naciamento resevoir from atop the dam.  We grind on in to Paso Robles in 95+ temps and 61 miles

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