Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 21 Solvang to Oxnard


We had a nice afternoon and evening in Solvang.  The motel had a great pool and we were in early enough to enjoy it.  The Danish theme throughout town was a nice change, too.  Very quaint!  But we're off again, this time headed for Oxnard, some 81 miles away.  The weather is clear with high overcast and a starting temp of 55 or so.  We have a climb about 17 miles out that tops out at about 1900 feet.   



Nah, I wasn't trying to push it over the cliff.  I was just stretching my Achilles!

A couple pics looking down the canyon we just rode up through.



After the reaching the summit, we start down on a winding single lane road through the woods. Here's a plaque commemorating the route.   Even saw a few myrtlewood trees


Here's Jim contemplating his navel along the Kinevan trail road 

A view from the ridge top with Santa Barbara in the background

Several hairpin turns going down.  Very technical descent


The wharf in downtown Santa Barbara(in the fog)


Along the beach south of Santa Barbara is a section called red neck highway or some such.  A couple of miles of motor homes and travel trailers parked on the edge of the highway with their own beachfront.  If that's your cup of tea...


We're in about 3 pm with a pizza party coming up for dinner! 

2 Days and 100 miles to go!

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