Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 8 Crescent City to Eureka


Just a pic looking back toward Crescent City.  Its a really nice morning...for a change...only 82 more miles to go!

OK you dumb bikers, just gimme a minute...I think I see a cute cow elk! 

Yes sir, I'll take this one.  It has a sun roof and air conditioning and it's a one owner


Here's your sign!

Here's Paul Bunyon at the Trees of Mystery


Paul and Babe

OK Babe,  Cough!

Just a couple of pics of different places along the coast south of Trinidad

Here are the geldings, Joe, Mark and Jeff


Honey, we saved a ton of money not  having to rent a U Haul!

The Carson Mansion in Eureka

Downtown Eureka

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