Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 11 Fort Bragg to Cloverdale

There are always a myriad of problems associated with group bicycle riding. Fellow roommate behavior tops the charts.  Roommate flatulation is one particular event that comes to mind.  Often it starts innocuously enough with one "roomie" passing unwanted and unsolicited gaseous discharge.   The room is soon rendered unihabitable, paint begins peeling from bathroom walls and the entire premises may qualifyfor FEMA hazardous waste zone designation. Even native wildlife in close proximity to the hazardous waste zone can be adversely affected. In this picture, evidence is presented which demonstrates the "collateral damage" of such flatulation.  A deceased raccoon is found lying a short distance from the motel room.  The viewer is reminded that this particular picture is graphic in nature and caution should be  used when viewing. 


The ride along the Mendocino coastline was shrouded in fog


Here's Leo worshipping at the altar of Priapus

Alex, I'd like to buy a vowel


SAG stop in yet another redwood park, the Navarro River Redwood Park




In Navarro, a nice totem( except for the light bulb eyes)

We ride past the first of many thousands of acres of vineyards on the way to Cloverdale


Barb had a flat tire and we stopped by to lend a hand...ended up sampling  grapes


Pinot Noire anyone?


This is a little apple juice stand about halfway through the day's ride, which, coincidentally, marks the halfway point of our west coast ride.  Yes it was enjoyed by all of us!


Ya gotta love vintner humor


We got stopped in road construction later in the pm.  Everybody trying to get in the shade!


That's a lot of bull.  Actually, this guy is in a downtown square...

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