Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 9 Eureka to Garberville

The morning started off at 8 am with some low clouds/fog...actually very nice riding weather.  The sun broke through shortly after.  Leo and I took a short side trip into the small burg of Loleta. 

A beautiful old church in Loleta.


Our first SAG of the day in downtown Ferdale, which is best known for it's Victorian architecture


A very persistent tree that chose to grow up through the barn roof.  I suppose you could tell the age of the barn by the growth rings in the tree? maybe not


 We are routed through the "avenue of the giants" which proves to be an absolutely delighful ride.  It's almost a spiritual experience

Just a few pics of the ride through the giants

There is a trout above the axe which is about twenty feet above the ground.  It marks the water level of the flood of 1964.  This tree is probably a hundred feet above the valley floor.  Incredible

Just of few of the usual suspects


Honey, does this stump make my butt look big?

This fine old truck was in Phillipsville and in  need of a new owner

Interesting that "Whispering Pines" is in the middle of a redwood grove

This guy is at least 20 feet tall and is apparently directing the way to an old restaurant that has long since ceased business.


The day ends in 85 degree heat in Garberville.  The motel has a great outside pool.  Gotta go now...and take a dip!

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  1. The "usual suspects" look "Guilty as charged" to me!! And "YES", the stump makes Leo's butt look huge!!!! Ha Ha!!! Keep the pictures coming!! Dan Koch